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Enriching a Baby’s Life with a Mobile

Enriching a Baby’s Life with a Mobile

Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in Babies and Mobiles

  Not only do mobiles serve to decorate rooms, their details and colors enrich the lives of babies in many ways.  Mobiles can soothe babies when there is slow movement, and when mobiles are more active they can entertain babies instead.  Mobiles can also aid in physical development, in strengthening muscles, as well as in […]

The Creative Process:  A Giant Red Spiral Mobile

The Creative Process: A Giant Red Spiral Mobile

Posted by on Jan 22, 2018 in The Creative Process

In early December I was commissioned to make a giant 6 foot tall spiral mobile to be hung at the top of someone’s staircase.  It would be double the size of a golden spiral mobile I had made the previous year.  It would be in metallics and reds, and the paper cranes would be folded […]

A Timeless Crane Mobile Featured in a Commercial

A Timeless Crane Mobile Featured in a Commercial

Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 in News

  In 2014 I was contacted by someone in New York who was working on a commercial for Gerber’s BabyNes, a machine that prepared a bottle of formula in a minute, similar to a K-Cup coffee maker.   It had not yet been released here in the United States and they were getting everything ready for […]

Welcome to The Timeless Crane…

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and see my art. Here you’ll find many pictures of my handmade hanging origami mobiles, especially my most popular mobiles – the Paper Crane Mobiles.  There is even a gallery page where you’ll find video clips so you can see how the mobiles move, and get a better idea of what they’re like.

I have engineered the mobiles so that each level is free to swivel a full 360° with the slightest breeze. Whether you have a fan in the room, or an open window, or maybe the heat is on, whatever might stir the air will cause the origami to dance. Even when there is no breeze, the mobile is in constant kinetic motion.

There is a page where you can order your very own hanging origami mobile, or order one as a gift for a friend. These mobiles provide a great way to accent a room in your home, liven up an office or provide a way for you to relax at work, decorate a child’s bedroom, or turn a nursery into a magical place. Babies are fascinated by the complexity of these mobiles and the way they move. Rather than having a simple plastic mobile that always rotates in one direction, your baby could be gazing up at a collection of intricately folded paper models that move freely in any direction.

The slightest breeze can make the origami models in your mobile dance. Watching the origami paper mobile in motion is so relaxing and intriguing – leaving anyone guessing the path the models will take next. Every knot is a double knot, and every knot is reinforced by clear drying glue. Bright spring tempered stainless steel wire that holds it’s shape and remains brilliant over the years. Every mobile is a one of a kind and a unique design. I cannot consider a mobile to be completed until it is just right, so you always get a product of highest quality and superb craftsmanship.

Take the time to browse, and even email me with any questions or comments you may have about my hanging origami mobiles.


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